Unlocking the Meaning Behind ‘Something Just Like This’ Song Lyrics: A Comprehensive Guide [With Stats and Stories]

Unlocking the Meaning Behind ‘Something Just Like This’ Song Lyrics: A Comprehensive Guide [With Stats and Stories]

What is Something Just Like This Song Lyrics?

Something just like this song lyrics is the popular track released by the Chainsmokers and Coldplay. The song features a mix of electronic pop and alternative rock, with rhythmical beats that are perfect for dancing, running or workout routines. It quickly rose to fame after its release in 2017.

  • The lyrics focus on themes such as striving for greatness, feeling inadequate and finding someone who accepts you for who you are.
  • The collaboration between two mega-groups resulted in a hit single which topped charts worldwide.

How to Interpret and Analyze Something Just Like This Song Lyrics

“Something Just Like This”, an electrifying collaboration between Coldplay and The Chainsmokers, took the world by storm with its catchy beats and relatable lyrics. However, as one listens to this song on repeat, it becomes apparent that there is more than what meets the eye.

If you’re curious about how to decipher the hidden meanings in “Something Just Like This” lyrics or want to learn how to analyze any other song like a pro, then read on! Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Listen Carefully

The first step in lyric analysis is listening; repeatedly listen while reading along with the lyrics. Do not limit yourself just because you’ve heard it before – concentrate fully without letting your mind wander. Try not only hearing but also paying close attention to every word sung carefully.

In this case of “Something Just Like This”, observe themes such as wanting to be something unique and important (“I am not looking for somebody With some superhuman gifts”), fantasies (“A love I think will last forever”) vs reality (“Maybe we found love right where we are”), fear of failure (“Don’t wanna know If you’re gonna let me down”), accepting oneself as they are (“just who I’m supposed to be”) against unrealistic expectations from society (“I’m no Superman”). Listening attentively allows us a clear understanding of what was said and builds our foundation.

Step 2: Understand Metaphors And Literary Techniques Used

Songs heavily rely upon metaphors that can contribute deeper meaning into poetic devices that transform melodies into artistry masterpieces. In “Something Just Like This,” considered lines such as “She said ‘Where’d you wanna go?/How much do you wanna risk?” reveal usage of metaphorical language which captures human emotions at distinct levels throughout life’s stages- whether adventurous or secure (“Where’d You Wanna Go?”). Additionally, noteworthy literary techniques include similes e.g., claiming “I’m no Superman/I’m more of a batman”, thus illustrating the notion that you do not have to achieve extraordinary goals, but always be just yourself.

Step 3: Research

Since artists are human too- there is always a high possibility that they were inspired by personal experiences which can connect with multiple messages in the song. Therefore research carefully using an online database or articles for example interviews featuring their creative inspirations like Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This,” where Chris Martin clarified how he was fascinated with influential comic book characters growing up e.g., Spider-Man and Batman as ideal archetypes compared to fictional ones “with some superhuman gifts”.

Additionally, look out for inspirations towards life events or theories that can connect with social issues. In this case of “Something Just Like This”, it reflects upon people being comfortable in one’s skin and acknowledging change – alongside realization individuals cannot live up entirely to society expectations without consequential effect; when accepting oneself’s failure perception only then move on comfortably proceeding through life.

Step 4: Connect With The Emotion Behind The Lyric

Lastly, recognize what emotions the song expresses since it could ignite occasions based on your own interpretation differing slightly compared to others’ perspectives possible changes become prominent. For instance, we may listen over again while relating ourselves with lyrics during heartbreaks — imagining being huddled beneath sheets pondering memorably times (“She said ‘Where’d you wanna go?’/ How much do you wanna risk?”). We must note listening alone does forge emotional connections within us contributing influences for our opinions on specific songs impacting; thus provoking multiple interpretations from other areas of interest.

In conclusion,

“Something Just Like This” has shown us how analyzing lyrics effectively depend largely upon four core factors- close concentration while listening keenly along with reading every word sung attentively researchers responses using internet sources shows artist inspiration driving motive behind text followed lastly by linking various thoughts with personal self derived from music. The art of lyrical analysis helps us to establish a deeper connection with our songs and gain more knowledge towards understanding the true meaning behind them.

Breaking Down the Composition of Something Just Like This Song Lyrics Step by Step

If you are like many music enthusiasts out there, then it’s likely that you have found yourself listening to the hit song “Something Just Like This” by Chainsmokers and Coldplay at some point. With its catchy tune and relatable lyrics, this song has become an instant classic among fans of all ages. But have you ever stopped to think about what makes this song so special?

In this blog post, we will break down the composition of “Something Just Like This” step-by-step to help you understand just how masterfully crafted this popular track really is.

Step 1: The Intro

The intro of “Something Just Like This” starts with a slow yet powerful piano melody played over electronic beats. It creates a rich soundscape in which listeners get drawn into the evocative atmosphere right from the start.

Step 2: The First Verse

As soon as Chris Martin (the vocalist) begins singing in his iconic voice, we know that we are in for something very different – he describes himself as not being a perfect superhero much desired by everyone but insinuates that even if he was one – with power like Iron-Man or divine strength like Superman- he wouldn’t be able to keep up with expectations placed on him. Many can connect deeply with that sentiment; feeling inadequate despite seemingly having superpowers within us. As the only vocal segment before everything comes together “I’m not looking for somebody/Somebody with some superhuman gifts” is particularly introspective, setting up cathartic release towards end where it’s established no fanciful ideal would match a realistic relationship.

Step 3: The Chorus

The chorus of “Something Just Like This” hits harder than anything else because it highlights our dreams through cinematic hyperbole whilst also grounding wants realistically and acknowledging nothing compares to true love fulfilling every desire. Bursting open topics such as never ending flowery promises (“I want something just like this”), superheroes paradox, world’s hidden secrets (cryptic mysteries involving the narrator like Atlantis, unbreakable titans and holding galaxies in hands) illustrate an idealistic dream while Coldplay’s melody eases down tensions by keeping everything exciting but grounded.

Step 4: The Second Verse

The second verse primes itself for the future over its predecessor’s nostalgia; sharing anxieties on how elusive realistic love can be. Revealing degrading tactics hints patho-logically obsessing around perceived societal norms of adequacy instead of true happiness . By comparing himself to historical figures with superhuman qualities such as Achilles makes us wonder if he has a complex about never being good enough; which many people go through too when searching for companionship.

Step 5: Closing Chorus & Outro

As we approach the ending segment after Chris’ soulful higher notes paves way towards Chainsmokers melodic layered synths as they bring their signature emotions that burst with intensity during choruses yet rooted in reality of human nature (“I want something just like this”) capture listeners attention providing outcasts and loners hope materialize- building new relationships is always possible despite seeming impossible long ago. As it slows to end, creating ambiance hinting at marvel comic superhero movies’ orchestral scores before slowly fading into keyboard flourish – leaving space for contemplation concerning all lyrics discussed above.

Breaking down “Something Just Like This” shows how skillfully crafted music should have multi-faceted meaning free from overused cliches and formulaic writing styles showing both relatable flaws everyone harbors whilst reveling in dreams that keep them moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions About Something Just Like This Song Lyrics Answered!

Welcome to our detailed and insightful discussion of the song lyrics from “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. If you’re here, it’s either because you love the catchy tune or have been intrigued by its beautiful words. Either way, we’ve got just what you need – answers to some commonly asked questions about this popular song.

Q: What is the meaning behind ‘Something Just Like This’?

This anthem seems like a dedication/love letter from an ordinary guy (the singer) who wants his girl to know that he doesn’t feel pressure to be perfect for her because he knows he can’t match up to fictional superheroes such as Spiderman or Superman in saving the day all alone. However, there’s something truly heroic they both maintain – carrying on with everyday life despite their differences/gaps/flaws keeping them apart. So in essence, “Something [they] can turn to” without expecting every aspect of one another being perfect would do wonders for their relationship.

Q: Who wrote ‘Something Just Like This’?

The song was written by Andrew Taggart (one half of The Chainsmokers duo), Chris Martin (Coldplay’s lead vocalist), Guy Berryman (the bassist of Coldplay), Jonny Buckland (the guitarist for Coldplay) & Will Champion playing drums in addition to backing vocals service.

Q: What inspired The Chainsmokers while creating ‘Something Just Like This’?

Taggart shared that after hearing Martin perform live at London’s Palladium gig where they later performed together- he started developing superhero references based on various cartoons/comics/movies/shows media including conversation with bandmate Alex Pall privately citing:

“We were raised collectively; Pokemon taught us how friendship works… Superheroes taught us everything else.”

Martin helped finish these thoughts altogether coexisting with actual fact comicbooks still ruling alongside Hollywood franchises years later makes audiences vibe having someone so uniquely passionate/artistic, both during live shows and in-studio recording process.

Q: What was the reaction of audiences to ‘Something Just Like This’?

Having always appreciated writing & singing about youth experiences or giving a fresh perspective on nature’s beauty/scenery/emotion- The Chainsmokers remained humble yet incredibly nervous after releasing “Something Just Like This.” However, as time progressed their initial concerns began fading. From people cranking up levels through lightning-fast radio airwaves globally to social media demanding more collabs coupled with electric concerts raising roofs wherever they toured created positivity for everyone invested into this journey.

“Something Just Like This” indeed surpassed all expectations rising charts due mostly positive reactions from fans worldwide praising outstanding production sterling performance perfect emotion coped sequence – taking over festivals clubs prior instances such camaraderie between prominent artists independent collaborations delivering impeccable songwriting performances worthy mentions makes it an absolute banger even today!

To sum it up, “Something Just Like This” is not your average love song; rather it’s a tale of acceptance and admiration. With its upbeat tempo and powerful lyrics that urge you to see past imperfections, this gem of a tune has won countless hearts around the world. So give it another listen now, with our insights in mind!
Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Something Just Like This Song Lyrics

Something Just Like This easily ranks up there as one of the biggest hits by The Chainsmokers in 2017 – and it’s really no surprise why. With its catchy tune and relatable lyrics, this song has become a fan favorite worldwide.

However, if you think that you know everything about Something Just Like This, then think again! In this post, we’ll be sharing with you five interesting facts that will make you appreciate the song even more!

1. It Features Chris Martin from Coldplay

The combined genius behind one of pop music’s most successful duos met rock superstar Chris Martin for what would become Something Just Like This.

Chris Martin was more than happy to join them after being reached out by Drew Taggart (one-half of The Chainsmokers). As he said himself:

“I walked in [to their session] and they were like ‘Hi mate’…it was just fun.”

2. Its Lyrics Talk About Being Ordinary Yet Special Enough

One recurring theme in Something Just Like This song — aside from love — is finding happiness within oneself without setting unrealistic expectations or seeking perfection.

In fact, its chorus tells us directly:

I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts …
Just something I can turn to,
Somebody I can kiss …

3. The Music Video Pays Tribute to Superheroes

The accompanying music video features different types of superheroes struggling with their personal lives throughout New York City before finally attending a secret underground showdown where they flex their powers against each other.

4. It Broke Spotify Records Within Hours Of Release

Upon release,Something Just Like Thishad garnered over 9 million streams beatingEd Sheeran’s “Shape Of You,” which previously held the record at 6 million initial-day streams on Spotify globally last January.What’s surprising is that the song has already been streamed over 1.5 billion times since February 2017.

5. It Was Inspired by a Conversation with Drew Taggart’s Girlfriend

The Chainsmokers’ member, Drew Taggart, had just come back from Paris and decided to write when his girlfriend brought up conversation about wanting to be close to someone who is extraordinary yet still normal at heart.And as an everyday man himself, he found her statements very relatable.

That inspired Drew and it made him reflect on how most people don’t really need superheroes but instead, they simply want someone ordinary like them – yet also special enough to inspire change in their life!

So there you have it — five interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Something Just Like This! Next time the beat drops, sing along and keep these tidbits in your mind!

The Cultural Impact of the Something Just Like This Song Lyrics: Understanding its Popularity

The lyrics of a song have always been an essential part of its impact on popular culture. It can make us laugh, cry, feel empowered or just let loose and dance our heart out. And in the case of “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, we are treated to a rare combination of lyrical prowess that has made it one of the most successful songs in recent years.

The collaboration between these two powerhouse groups resulted in a euphoric anthem that speaks to universal themes such as love, longing and self-discovery. But what is particularly striking about this song is how its message resonates with people throughout every age group.

At its core, “Something Just Like This” celebrates the human desire for connection and romantic pursuit while also acknowledging society’s modern-day demand for superheroes. Chris Martin’s soothing vocals captures that unmistakable yearning for someone who could be the perfect fit – ‘I’ve been reading books of old/The legends and myths Achilles and his gold/Hercules and his gifts/Spiderman’s control.’

By throwing all those archetypal heroes into the mix, they not only conjure up mental images from past comics but bring some reality back to such lofty goals set by many at any point in time via marital vows — looking beyond themselves; nevertheless wanting their significant other “something like this”.

It explores ideas about what makes someone heroic or legendary – perfection versus imperfection. We see this when Martin croons: “You want something just like this.” As much as those superhero stories usually follow characters overcoming faults across fictionalized worlds; real-life relationships work best when you accept them on their terms rather than idealizing individuals’ oneself desires!

For millennials caught up with defending their identity amidst societal pressures’, working through difficulties regarding individuality within even fleeting connections…a somewhat impossible task! However, catching onto masses’ undying need for escapism without judgment indeed:

“The best, the best, the best, the Best of us/Can find happiness in minutes everyday”

It’s a reminder to take stock of what you have and live in the present. It isn’t about finding someone perfect; it’s about being able to appreciate every moment – good or bad – with that special someone who fits into your narrative completely.

And let’s not forget how those catchy beats buzz creating such an uplifting vibe! This song encapsulates why music continues as therapy for many people seeking connections within themselves and others’ artistic expressions. Coldplay and The Chainsmokers hit all the right notes here by melding their talents together giving audiences everything they had hoped —a fresh track nurturing one where listeners can embrace life through something just like love!

In conclusion, “Something Just Like This” is more than just another pop song on the radio. Its lyrics inspire hope as much as its melody sparks joy in our hearts. Through wonderfully crafted lightheartedness we relish engaging songs around longing & yearning for companionship but ultimately…finding peace knowing there are other imperfect humans out there searching too; exactly ‘Something Just Like This.’

From Creation to Performance: The Evolution of Something Just Like This Song Lyrics.

Something Just Like This is a pop song recorded by the electronic dance music duo The Chainsmokers and British rock band Coldplay. Released on February 22, 2017, the single has since topped charts worldwide and been performed at numerous notable events such as the Brit Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how Something Just Like This came together from its inception to becoming an international hit.

The Creation

Something Just Like This was written over just two days in a studio in London during one of Chris Martin’s visits with The Chainsmokers. According to Alex Pall, one half of the American DJ duo, Martin had shown them some lyrics he’d jotted down beforehand that were inspired by superhero comics like Spider-Man and Superman.

“He [Martin] had these chords laid out that he wanted us so much to work with,” said Andrew Taggart (the other member of The Chainsmokers) about the creation process for their collaboration “He showed up…and sang us those lyrics.”

From there it only took a few hours for Taggart to write melodies around those lyrics while his partner focused on creating beats infused with Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” The result? A perfect sonic blend of catchy modern dance sounds mixed smoothly over nostalgic old school areana-style arena anthems.


Once they had decided on a rough cut instrumental track based on Taggart’s initial melody sketches combined with irresistible hooks created through sampling classic songs throughout musical history—(we can feel something special in Beats even if we may not always recognize exactly what it is), they spent several months working together remotely fine-tuning every last detail before performing live shows showcasing their unique sound combination live .

“All four of us know each other well enough now; I think our creative processes complement each other”, says Pall.

With both teams equally adding all they have got into song production—The Chainsmokers with their trademark EDM/pop sound and Coldplay bolstering up the classic chord progressions—the resulting hybrid that emerged was a masterpiece of production, starting from a great concept.


The lyrics to Something Just Like This draw inspiration from everyday life observations. Chris Martin’s simple but profound observation about feeling like an ordinary person living in a world full of extraordinary superheroes is at the heart of this dance-pop chart-topping hit. Lines such as “I’m not looking for somebody / With some superhuman gifts” creates a sense of relatability while awakening the inner superhero within every listener.

“Sometimes people are just saying incredibly true things when they don’t have to hide behind metaphors at all,” says Taggart about writing expressive—often straight-forward—lyrics like those included throughout “Something Just Like This.”


Something Just Like This has become one of The Chainsmokers’ most celebrated singles and earned them accolades worldwide. From its catchy hooks, pop-infused beats, relatable lyrics – it exemplifies exactly what makes music shine in our lives today: accessible yet intelligent songwriting combined with perfectly executed musical production techniques.

With upbeat electronic twists on old school concepts melded into anthemic songs that demand you sing along + inspiring imagination through heroic themes drawing back artfully-&-honoring traditional comic structures alike—all wrapped tightly together by passionate harmonies courtesy Coldplay’s signature voice—it’s hard not adore Every aspect end-to-end..

Table with useful data:

Song title: Something Just Like This
Artist: The Chainsmokers ft. Coldplay
Album: Memories…Do Not Open
Released: February 22, 2017
Genre: EDM, pop
Lyricist: Andrew Taggart, Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion

Information from an expert

As a music expert, I find the song lyrics of “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay to be quite profound. The lyrics speak about wanting love that is simple and real rather than having unrealistic expectations of finding something extraordinary. It highlights the importance of being content with what we have rather than constantly searching for perfection. Overall, the song encourages us to embrace our ordinary lives and appreciate the people who make it special. The melody combines electronic beats with emotional vocals to create a unique sound that has resonated with millions around the world.

Historical fact:
The song “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay was released in 2017 and became a chart-topping hit worldwide. Its lyrics draw inspiration from Greek mythology, mentioning the mythological heroes Achilles and Hercules, showcasing how ancient stories continue to impact modern culture.

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