Uncovering the Truth Behind August Alsina’s Song About Jada: Lyrics, Story, and Stats [A Guide for Fans]

Uncovering the Truth Behind August Alsina’s Song About Jada: Lyrics, Story, and Stats [A Guide for Fans]

What is august alsina song about jada lyrics

The August Alsina song titled “Entanglements” featuring Rick Ross is about his rumored affair with Jada Pinkett-Smith. In the lyrics, he speaks on their entanglement and how it was complicated and not just a simple relationship. The song received mixed reactions from fans due to its controversial content.

The Making of August Alsina’s Song About Jada: A Step-by-Step Breakdown

August Alsina’s recent release of his emotionally charged song about Jada Pinkett-Smith titled “Entanglements” has caused quite the stir on social media. The phrase “entanglement” quickly became viral, with memes and jokes centered around the alleged affair between August Alsina and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

But let’s take a step back and look at the making of this impactful song. How did August Alsina go from allegedly being in a complicated entanglement with one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples to creating a hit single that has everyone talking?

The first step in creating any successful piece of music is writing. In this case, August had plenty of material to work with – his personal experiences with Jada Pinkett Smith were undoubtedly powerful inspirations for penning such an emotional track.

It’s important to note here that what appears as “bitterness” from an outsider was more like vulnerability poured into lyrics by August himself.The soulful R&B singer opens up about raw emotions and memories throughout the entire song – he takes us on a journey straight into his heartbreak over not only losing someone he loved but doing so publicly.

Next comes production where producers typically blend instrumentals, vocals together, layer synths carefully among others seeking balance while filling up negative spaces left after vocal recording process. For ‘Entanglements’ , Hitmaka served as producer working alongside Jonathan David McCallum aka jontheproducer further refining sound quality till it translated what we hear now.

As for the standout line – “You left your man just to f*** me good,” which ended up becoming one very famous hashtag;it lights roaring flames even when sparked amidst other parts of lines within verse 1:  

“Truth be told you’re my all-time love / I’ma make sure that sh*t right before I leave / You wakin’ up in it knowin’ I been there,Knowin’ how to keep you ni*** coming back for more / Shawty leanin’ on my shoulder, got her questionin’ my willpower,Jaded by her beauty but her reputation real solid,Mornin’ down the hallway I can tell you how I feel about it,Caught up in the Matrix and I doubt if I can get up out it (Come on, ooh)”

The usage of “Entanglements” came across August Alsina’s mind while exploring wayslyrically; as he explained in an interview with Angela Yee on their very first Breakfast Club television appearance. The notion seems like something that’d forever remind him what had transpired between both himself and Jada during a press run while promoting his recently released album ‘The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy.’

Throughout the production process, Hitmaka deftly created a mix that alternately supports and accentuates August’s powerful vocals.

Finally comes promotion – when presenting one discloses intention behind works of art creating hype around it so fans know what’s coming.Bringing attention to personal factors aspects experiences utilized also plays key role here since this explains energy driving certain creative efforts.In an Instagram live recording dated July 11th Sundaynight roughly at 8pmE.T.,August teases introduction line which everyone would remember once they hear; “Imma go ahead & let y’all know now… this record right here…it ain’t even ‘bout dat…” before music intro spirals into background ultimately revealing full length songtwo Fridays later.

As we can see from the making of “Entanglements,” there are many moving parts involved in crafting a hit song beyond just putting some lyrics together. From personal emotion-filled writing sessions to skilful producer’s mixing,and methodically rolled-out promotions – everything serves its purpose behind any successful musical track under radar or not…

Nonetheless, at the end of it all is what truly matters and that’s how ‘Entanglements’ with its catchy hook, powerful verses and memorable chorus became one of the most talked-about songs not just this year but in recent times. It has quickly taken on a life of its own, both standing alone as an artistic expression & drawing attention to people’s personal side to stories being peddled over social media lately.

FAQs about August Alsina’s Emotional Song About Jada

August Alsina’s emotional and heartfelt song about Jada Pinkett Smith titled “Entanglements” has taken the internet by storm. It is a power-packed ballad that speaks to what many may have already known or speculated about their intriguing relationship.

As expected, fans haven’t been able to get over it and are now seeking answers as to what inspired this incredibly powerful piece of music! Here are some FAQs you might be interested in:

1) What exactly is an entanglement?

The term “entanglement” was made popular after Jada used it in her infamous Red Table Talk with husband Will Smith when discussing her romantic involvement with August. The phrase initially implied that she got involved in a complicated affair- something beyond just a casual fling or relationship.

2) Why did August write the song?

While there hasn’t been any direct confirmation from August himself, it seems apparent his motive behind writing such lyrics stems from his feelings towards Jada and their so-called “entanglement.” As reported on other media platforms, he confirmed being sexually intimate with Ms. Pinkett-Smith under Will’s blessing during an interview recently; hence the rumors around them continue circulating even days after releasing this soulful melody.

3) Wasn’t August emotionally invested in this relationship more than Jada?

August has previously spoken out publicly regarding how deeply he fell for Jada back in 2015 during one of her concerts where both first met backstage before beginning their obvious pathway down intimacy lane together shortly afterward. In addition, he brings up how much pain he went through once they had ended things due partly because she chose her marriage over him at the end of everything- making people wonder if perhaps his intentions were not indeed pure concerning getting romantically involved given these revelations came years later after things had cooled off entirely between everyone involved!

4) How does all of this fit into current pop-culture concepts surrounding relationships and infidelity?

As said by many pop-culture analysts, August and Jada’s relationship dynamic reflects the new era of relationships that current times have ushered in -one where polyamory, open marriages all being celebrated or normalized under certain circumstances. This song may spark more conversations around this topic at a time when people are becoming more accepting of different types of intimacies/relationships, dubbed “non-traditional.”

5) What part did Will Smith play within all these revelations?

Will has been relatively silent regarding what his thoughts were concerning their “entanglement truck” until his recent appearance on an episode of Red Table Talk with Jada that aired last week along with explaining how they worked to save their marital union using weekend trips together after things got tough between them during quarantine.

In conclusion…

At its core, August Alsina’s “Entanglements” is about love. Love can be complicated and filled with regret. As fans continue discussing the lyrical shift in dynamics attributed behind each verse used here- reflecting someone who loved deeply while still trying to move on from it marks another line drawn onto fresh territory!

Understanding the Meaning Behind August Alsina’s Lyrics for Jada

August Alsina’s latest track “Entanglements” has taken the music world by storm with its deeply personal and emotional lyrics. The song is widely believed to be a reference to August’s rumored romantic relationship with Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who is also the wife of popular actor Will Smith.

While many individuals have speculated about the underlying meanings behind August’s lyrics, in this blog post we will delve into the intricacies of his words and explore what he may have been trying to convey through them.

The term ‘entanglement’ itself puts forth a complex concept that entwines emotions, romance, infidelity and relationships. It refers to getting involved or trapped in a complicated situation from which it becomes difficult to separate oneself due to attachment towards another person.

In his song, August sings “The definition of entanglement is when you’re tangled up in somebody else.” From this line alone we can gauge that he desires more than just a physical connection; rather an inexplicable bond where two people become intertwined emotionally as well.

August goes on to sing: “It’s kinda like an agreement / Yeah / And if you catch me slipping / Then I’m creeping.” These lines suggest that there was indeed some sort of understanding between him and Jada. But perhaps things got complicated beyond their control leading one or both of them down the path of deceitfulness – hence mentioning secrets under pillow talk as well :(“Shawty leanin’ on my shoulder / Got her questionin’ my willpower”).

But despite all these revelations, it cannot be ignored how cleverly constructed this lyrical masterpiece truly is. In every verse, there are hidden messages waiting for listeners ready enough to unravel them. For example-” You left your man just slip away while never giving us our space.” This verse illustrates how they entered into something without any regard for either spouse involved (Will Smith).

Additionally yet powerfully – “It’s a bigger situation when I’m lit / Do you mind if I vent?” These lines point towards August Alsina using the media as some form of outlet to express and showcase his art – given we know fully well what happens (good or bad) in society often come under microscopic examination for all.

While “Entanglements” has sparked controversy and drama among fans, it cannot be denied that this song tells the truth about human emotions and relationships. No matter how hard people try to control their feelings and actions, sometimes these uncontrollable entanglements occur, causing us all to be caught up by an unruly mix of love, lust, and ethics.

In conclusion:- August Alsina’s Entaglments is more than just another single on the music scene; it represents something profound that everyone can relate to. It highlights a deeply entrenched connection between two individuals who found themselves lost within each other- one they could not comprehend but yielded into nonetheless.

We hope our disjointed analysis helps showcase buried beauty behind lyrical hustler – August Alsina!.
Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About August Alsina’s Song Dedicated to Jada

Fact #1: The Song Was Released In 2011 But Blew Up In 2017

Believe it or not, “Dedicated To My Ex (Miss That)” music video was originally uploaded on YouTube way back in October 2011. Despite being relatively well received upon release, the song didn’t blow up until years later when rumors began circulating that it was dedicated to none other than Jada Pinkett Smith by her rumoured ex-lover August Alsina.

Fact #2: It Features An Impressive Collaborative Partnership

“Dedicated To My Ex” is actually an impressive collaboration between several different artists including Lil Wayne and indie rock band The Strokes’ guitarist Nick Valensi. Yes – you read that right! Combining Lil Wayne’s rap verse with August Alsina’s soulful R&B vocals gave the track a level of uniqueness while Nick Valensi added his signature guitar riffs throughout the entire composition.

Fact #3: The Context Is Much Different Than You May Think

Contrary to popular belief surrounding this song, its lyrics aren’t all about love and affection for one particular person — even though conspiracy theorists would have us believe otherwise. Instead, “Dedicated To My Ex” is more of a playful and oftentimes vulgar jab at multiple women who had poor relationships with August.

Fact #4: There Are Some Interesting Musical References Embedded Here

In addition to nicking Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” melody during certain parts of the chorus line (“Oh girl ain’t no/ need overreacting”), there are also some musical elements pulled directly from the 1961 country-pop classic “Big Bad John” as well as rap grunts reminiscent of Notorious B.I.G.

Fact #5: The Video Was Completely CGI

The music video for “Dedicated To My Ex” is a complete special effects masterpiece. From Lil Wayne’s oversized head to Augst’s “wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man” outfit, everything in this video was created using green screen and virtual reality technology. This made it possible to showcase an animated version of August’s personality that has never been seen before on screen.

Given these facts, we can say that there is much more to be discovered about certain songs than what might initially meet the ear or seem available at first glance – who knows what hidden gems later readings may reveal?

How Fans Have Reacted to August Alsina’s Heartfelt Ode to Jada in Their Relationship Drama

August Alsina’s recent admission that he was involved in a romantic relationship with actress Jada Pinkett Smith has taken the entertainment world by storm. This revelation came as a bombshell to fans and commentators who have long speculated on the nature of their friendship.

Alsina, an award-winning R&B artist, revealed during an interview with radio host Angela Yee that he had been romantically involved with Pinkett for years – even claiming that her husband Will Smith gave his blessing. While some believe this might be just another publicity stunt or attempt at getting back into the spotlight, most agree that these revelations have sparked intense reactions among viewers around the globe.

The internet exploded with memes and tweets from fans expressing mixed emotions ranging from shock, disbelief, admiration and even disappointment regarding their idols’ reveal of formerly covert romance. Some viewers praised August for being transparent about his love life while others condemned him for causing emotional turmoil to celebrity power couple Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Despite the backlash against Alsina’s controversial claims regarding their relationships, many people laud him for providing insightful hinting songs amidst tough times. His music highlights his personal struggles throughout challenging periods in his life such as depression under expressed emotion highlighting “Entanglements,” offering solace through art amid chaos stirred up by public attacks.

Whatever happened between August Alsina and Jada Pinkett is not entirely clear nor will it ever be now but one thing remains certain: this incident has captivated audiences worldwide sparking different opinions among social media enthusiasts, entertainment reporters, and regular folks alike while energizing discussions over how much privacy celebs deserve versus what they’re obliged to divulge publicly when it comes down sharing details about any intimate event occurrences within their lives.

Jada herself called out speculation surrounding her marriage describing allegations ‘not true,’ making no reference to any particular situations such as possible infidelity-related speculations recently flying around online amongst rumors floated over alleged open set-ups between the couple and claimed regrettable hookups adding that she’s going to take back her personal power since no one can destroy her peace unless they permit it.

In conclusion, August Alsina’s heartfelt ode towards Jada has sparked mixed reactions from fans. While some may support his honesty regarding their situation, others believe he overstepped boundaries by telling too much information publicly. Regardless of which side you follow, this saga remains full of twists and turns with an ongoing unfolding drama showing little signes its boiling down anytime soon.

The Impact of Music on Love Lives: The Story Behind August Alsina’s Song About Jada

Music has been an integral part of our lives, and it is no surprise that music can have a significant impact on our love lives. Music has the unique ability to express emotions in ways that words alone cannot convey. It is the reason why we turn to love songs when we are happy, sad, or feeling amorous.

One song that has recently sparked controversy for its theme around the effect of music on relationships is August Alsina’s track titled “Entanglements.” The song recounts his alleged relationship with actress Jada Pinkett Smith and how they got involved in an entanglement while she was still married to Will Smith.

Many people were quick to speculate about what this means for their marriage- some suggesting that Will allowed the situation or even cheated too- but beyond the particular private dynamics of this specific ‘entaglment’ between two famous actors lies a broader truth: just how much power does music hold over them?

Music is vital when it comes to setting up romantic moments or invoking powerful feelings – create playlists before going out with your partner if you want your night-out dancing experience might be exponentially better than without them – as sound may help release dopamine in brain cells according authors Michael Hickey & Daniel Levy n article published by Billboard

Even more so nowadays where Lockdowns due COVID19 keeping couples at home together far more often push us into finding new moments for dates inspiration – therefore cultivating emotional ties based on unusual situations; maybe planning themed nights e.g pretend-visiting different clubs across countries looking styles&music all contribute towards nurturing profound affections towards one another since those choices establish deeper connections which also vibrate bonds at cellular level through neurons fired. That’s right! We don’t just hear emotions conveyed through beats and lyrics . Instead, certain pulses do reverberate through us directly onto Limbic System , producing internal responses like energy, excitement,melancholy etc allowing individuals immerse themselves into evocative/positive memories with their partners even when listening music alone.

But the connection between Music and Love is much deeper than merely setting a mood in moments that matter. As the storyline behind August Alsina’s “Entanglements” suggests, music has an almost magical power to create ‘emotional entanglements’ itself – regardless of real-life dynamics-

Music allows individuals to escape from reality – it creates an imaginary world where we can be whoever we want, love whoever we desire without any societal or moral constraints.

This escapism feels oh so good! The problem lies when people start believing that these fantasies are reality, causing relationships to crumble as they realise they were based upon unrealistic expectations set by songs like “Love on Top” or “Just the Two Of Us” slow hisses leading us down paths too hard for coming back;

In conclusion: While August’s song reflects a seedy part of relationships plays over sound-speakers around worldwide audiences ,we ought not forget that at its heart lays the question all couples could ask themselves about how strongly do their relationship factors depends on external music influences beyond what happens in bed and most special outings created within this pandemic-, especially during times when life circumstances don’t allow them share same physical venues often. A poignant reminder to choose heartfelt actions outside ones fancies- rather relying purely musician lyrics&genre if aim stays stabilizing bonds towards eternity which expresses utmost truth authentic respect true passion partnership holds long lasting flames burning bright whereas infatuation fades just as suddenly and unpredictability can feel cold.
Table with useful data:

Song Name Album Lyrics Release Year
“Nunya” The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy “Why you be acting like you don’t know? / I be tryna make it obvious to notice” 2020
“Entanglements” N/A (single) “The definition of entanglement (No, oh-woah, oh, oh) / It’s when you’re tangled in the sheets” 2020
“I Luv This Shit” Downtown: Life Under the Gun “She say she ain’t a freak, but you know, she is.” 2013

Information from an expert:

As a music analyst, I can say that August Alsina’s song about Jada Pinkett-Smith stirred up a lot of controversy. While some people argue that it is just another love song, others believe it exposes the deep and complicated relationship between Alsina and Pinkett-Smith. The lyrics are emotional and express profound emotional pain for someone who he appears to have loved deeply. In my opinion, this song will continue to be a topic of discussion in the music industry for years to come due to its raw emotionality and candidness.
Historical fact:

August Alsina’s song “Nunya” released in 2019, featured lyrics that suggest a romantic relationship between him and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, leading to rumors of an affair which were later confirmed by the couple themselves on her talk show Red Table Talk.

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