5 Must-Know Facts About the Song with ‘Close Your Eyes’ in the Lyrics [Plus a Surprising Backstory]

5 Must-Know Facts About the Song with ‘Close Your Eyes’ in the Lyrics [Plus a Surprising Backstory]

What is a song with close your eyes in the lyrics?

A song with close your eyes in the lyrics is a popular trope used by musicians to express an emotional or romantic sentiment. Many songs use this phrase as part of their chorus or title, creating a timeless and memorable connection between listener and artist. Some examples of famous songs that feature this lyric include “Close Your Eyes” by Michael Bublé, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” from The Lion King soundtrack, and “When I Look Into Your Eyes” by Firehouse.

  • The phrase “close your eyes” symbolizes trust and vulnerability
  • Songs often use this lyric to convey the idea of being lost in emotion or swept away by passion
  • Songwriters turn towards utilizing sensory language like sight (eyes) as it imparts strong feelings through visualization

Step by Step Guide: How to Write a Song with ‘Close Your Eyes’ in the Lyrics

As a professional songwriter, I know the struggle of staring at a blank page with no idea where to start. That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you write your own song using the phrase “close your eyes” in the lyrics.

Step 1: Brainstorming
The first step is always brainstorming! Start by writing down everything that comes to mind when you think about closing your eyes. What images, memories or feelings come up? For example, maybe you associate closing your eyes with relaxation and taking a break from reality.

Step 2: Choose Your Theme
Next, choose what main theme you want to explore in the song. It could be love, nostalgia, regret or anything else that resonates with you personally. Once you have decided on this theme, use it as a focal point for developing your story.

Step 3: Develop Lyrics
Now is time to develop some lyrics around those initial thoughts and themes. Use descriptive language that captures both emotion and imagery—this will bring life into every line sung out loud! Aim for evocative phrases that are simple but heartfelt; often times less is more when it comes to creating compelling music.

For example:

Close your eyes,
Let worry fade away.
All we need now,
Is here right now today.

These opening lines set an introspective scene while keeping things streamlined and clear-cut—it makes sense because focusing too much on details an lead towards chaos later down the process..

Step 4: Structure Your Song
Structure determines how listeners perceive songs – This might not sound like fun compared to all other creative steps mentioned above…but trust me structure creates solid foundation which means half job done so far..This involves crafting different sections such as verse-chorus bridges etc depending on genre; then placing them strategically within each another so they flow seamlessly one after another — important if things need time-out i.e breakdowns in EDM music.

Here’s an example of pro-quality structure:

Verse 1: Close your eyes and dream away .
Chorus: All the love i feel for you is real
Verse 2: Every caress burns like fire
Chorus: And every second gets better than before..

Step 5. Polish Up With Chords and Melody:
The final step involves creating a chord progression (an essential part that decides the path) to fit under those lyrics, as well as adding melody lines over top – this is where things start getting interesting once again! You don’t need to be technical wizard here but definitely in-depth understanding help makes song-craftsmanship easier; Stick with familiar chords progressions such GCD or pick anything from inspiring existing songs- though make sure it fits on overall theme.

So there you have it, a simple but effective method for writing a great song using “close your eyes” in the lyrics. Follow these five steps and let yourself get lost in creativity. Remember, every songwriter has their own style so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for your unique sound! Keep mastering these tricks & techniques eventually…you’ll create awesome pieces worth cherishing forever 🎤🎼📻💯

Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding the Role of ‘Close Your Eyes’ in Hit Songs

Music has always been a powerful tool when it comes to conveying emotions, and it’s no surprise that hit songs often contain certain elements that evoke strong feelings in the listener. One of those staple elements is the phrase “close your eyes” – you probably weren’t even aware of how frequently this line appears until now! Here are some answers to your most pressing questions about why “close your eyes” is such a popular lyric in hit songs:

1. Why do so many songs instruct listeners to close their eyes?

The simple answer is that closing one’s eyes heightens sensory perception and allows for deeper emotional experience. When we take away the visual distractions around us, our focus becomes much more acute on what we’re hearing and feeling through music.

2. Is “Close Your Eyes” just filler lyrics or does it serve a genuine purpose?

Far from being thrown in as filler, these three little words can actually have quite an impact on the song’s overall message. Often times they are used within verses leading up to significant moments – maybe right before the hook drops or during something climactic like a guitar solo or key change- where everything pauses briefly so listeners can ‘pick up’ what is happening.

3. Isn’t using “Close Your Eyes” kind of corny or cliché?

While its usage may be considered cliche by some people, there’s certainly no shortage of artists who still find ways to make great use out of it without ever seeming too cheesy at all! What makes any song resonate with each listener will depend largely on individual taste – for example if you’re someone who really enjoys sentimental ballads then these lyrics might strike exactly the appropriate chord with you.

4. Are there instances where “Close Your Eyes” doesn’t work as well?
Yes absolutely! On occasions when they appear awkwardly placed within lyrics especially on bigger build-up parts , shoddy metaphors; not only does breaking immersion happen but it runs the risk of pulling people out of their own emotional experience. So it’s important for artists to use this lyric with care and not as incessantly.

In conclusion, “close your eyes” remains a classic instruction found in countless hit songs because it works – not just when trying to induce calm or sleep but also when heightening sensory perception during musical experiences. While its overuse may be noted by some music enthusiasts , there is no denying that these three little words do tend to pack quite an emotional punch!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Songs with ‘Close Your Eyes’ in the Lyrics

Songs have a magnetic quality to them, drawing us in with their catchy melodies and lyrics that tug at our heartstrings. One common element we often find in love songs is the phrase “close your eyes.” While it may seem like a tired cliché, these three simple words can evoke powerful emotions and paint vivid imagery in our minds. Today, I’m here to share the top 5 facts you didn’t know about songs with ‘Close Your Eyes’ in the lyrics.

1. A Long List of Artists Used This Classic Phrase
It’s no surprise that such an emotive phrase has been used by many popular artists in their music over time. Some notable examples include Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, Ed Sheeran’s “Kiss Me” and Dirty Dancing’s classic hit “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.” It has also been featured across various genres from jazz to rock.
2. It Portrays Empathy And Romance
Closing one’s eyes creates a sense of intimacy between two people where they are lost together – oblivious to everything around them except each other’s presence; this feeling is evoked through these lyrics’ portrayal of empathy and romance.

3. It Helps Create A Strong Mental Imagery
Incorporating ‘close your eyes’ into song lyrics engages listeners on both emotional and mental levels as closing one’s eyes makes us concentrate intensely on our thoughts, imagination, or memories – transporting us into another world altogether.

4. They Can Be Addictive
The effect of repeating this simple phrase within a melody draws listeners into its allure – take for instance Calvin Harris feat John Newman’s hypnotic summer anthem “Blame”, Snow Patrol ’s indie-anthem “Set Fire To The Third Bar”, James Taylor ‘s soulful ballad “Shower The People” amongst others all fall under this category

5.It Is Universally Recognizable
Finally, ‘Close Your Eyes’ universally resonates with people as it’s a simple phrase that everyone can relate to. It represents intimacy, understanding and an expression of trust between the two parties involved – perhaps this is why so many songwriters are drawn to it.

In conclusion, there you have it; my top 5 facts about songs with “close your eyes” in the lyrics. Interestingly, these tunes may differ across genres but they all have one thing in common: their ability to tap into human emotions and create resonance through music – that’s what makes them timeless classics!

The Art and Science of Songwriting: Analyzing Popular Tunes with ‘Close Your Eyes’

Songwriting is often considered both an art and a science. While melodies, lyrics, and harmonies evoke emotion through artistic expression, the structure of a song can be dissected by musical theory to reveal patterns that draw in listeners. In this article, we’ll explore the powerful combination of creative inspiration and musical formula as we analyze one popular tune to uncover the secrets of great songwriting.

The song we’ll be examining today is “Close Your Eyes” by Michael Buble. This timeless classic has a simple yet elegant melody that flows like silk, with tasteful instrumental embellishments adding layers of texture throughout. To begin our analysis, let’s take a look at the chord progression.

The harmony of “Close Your Eyes” follows what’s known as verse-chorus form – a familiar structure found in many songs across genres such as pop, rock or country music.The verses are built around four repeated chords: A minor (Am), G major (G), D minor (Dm), and F major (F). These chords create an emotional foundation for lyrics about falling deeply in love with someone special; call it Puppy Love if you may! The pre- chorus adds sonic variety through changing up slightly different chords using C Major 7th and E Minor..

As we move into the chorus section,Bublé transitions seamlessly from the key of A minor to its relative major version-C Major.There he uses new sets of chord progressions consisting‘A-minor,G-major,F-major,E-diminished’for two time measures before creating anticipation leading back down melodically towards Am which serves as pivot chord.Once again drawing on familiar yet innovative harmonic ideas,this gives us just enough hint towards resolve keeping us dancing along joyfully at every beat!

Moving onto melodic elements,the melody line here keeps things relatively simple but still stirs emotion within listeners.As true artists know well,a memorable hook is what really makes any good song.Actually,wait! scratch that a truly great song.The melodic hook in “Close Your Eyes” is its opening line: “Close your eyes, let me tell you all the reasons why.” Sung as a breathy whisper by Bublé at the start,the melody rises and falls which builds anticipation along with it.

Lyrically,pop songs are often known for their love-affair themed lyrics. Well songs of course reflect on ideas vastly beyond than just that;Social justice,economic inequalities,cultural underpinnings to name some but when it comes to pop-music,the word ‘Love’ (or many variations thereof) tends taking center stage as a muse.In this case,”Close Your Eyes” follows suit describing how much Michael Buble loves his female partner.This saccharine-sweet theme might be an easier sell given music listening itself has been shown already influence our romance-levels.If there isn’t anyone around,songs provide ample opportunity for us to embrace pure romanticism,dreaming about fairytale scenarios while inner-self goes blissfully-numb!

In conclusion,“Close Your Eyes” by Michael Buble combines solid musical fundamentals with inspiring lyrical imagery to create one of those unforgettable tunes where we’d find ourselves swaying involuntarily every time it comes on.With brilliant interplay between harmonies, vocals and engaging melodies,it’s no surprise this classic song continues resonating powerfully till today-and even so will resonate well into the future.What better way could there ever be for Music connecting hearts one beat at a time?

‘Close Your Eyes’ as an Expression of Love and Longing: A Journey Through Timeless Classics

Love and longing are two emotions that have been experienced by people from all walks of life for centuries. It is a feeling that consumes us, fills our hearts with joy, happiness, and hope. But it can also leave us heartbroken when things don’t go as planned or when we’re separated from the ones we love. Many classic songs have captured this theme beautifully over time, giving listeners an outlet to let their feelings out.

One song that stands out amongst them all is “Close Your Eyes.” This timeless classic speaks to the depths of love and longing through its lyrics and melody. From Frank Sinatra’s smooth crooning rendition to Michael Buble’s jazz-infused interpretation today – this track never fails to tug at our heartstrings no matter how many times it’s played.

The first verse sets the tone for what’s about to follow:

“Close your eyes,
let me tell you all the reasons why
think you’re one of a kind.
Here’s to you,
the one that always pulls us through.”

With those words alone, one immediately feels enveloped in warmth & safety- like being held in someone’s arms they trust without question. The singer takes on an almost paternal role, reassuring his partner that even though he speaks highly of her virtues and praises her accomplishments; she is still unique in every way possible.

As the song progresses into the chorus:

“Don’t be afraid,
take my hand & hold tight.
I’ll protect you
From whatever comes tonight.”

Again, there’s reassurance given through these timeless lines: protection offered against danger or misfortune allowing both parties involved freedom knowing they’ve got each other covered no matter what life may throw their way!

The minimalist yet effective instrumentation subtly blends together mixing just enough brass wind instruments with strings filling any room seamlessly reminding every listener the beauty within simplicity itself illuminating how powerful language combined with music can be creating something magical- Love personified possibly?

As we journey through this song of love and longing, we come to realize that it’s more than just a declaration of affection. “Close Your Eyes” speaks not only to our hearts but also to our souls – resonating with us on a deeply personal level.

It is only once you close your eyes, let yourself be transported by its lyrics and soothing melody can one truly understand how integral the expression of Love & Longing within music has become over time transporting each listener into an existential place where all temporary issues dissipate allowing everyone involved the chance to take solace in something much larger-true emotions encompassed without fear or judgment making every heart sing.

In conclusion, “Close Your Eyes” is definitely one for the ages there’s no denying that whatsoever: It captures so perfectly what true love looks and feels like; showing us that even though life may have its ups & downs sometimes when things get tough always remember someone who cares about you somewhere somehow hence why nothing beats belting out classic songs which stand the test of Time!

Unlocking Inspiration: Tips and Tricks for Incorporating ‘Close Your Eyes’ in your Songwriting Process

As a songwriter, the process of unlocking inspiration can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You sit down with your guitar or at your keyboard, staring blankly at the page and feeling frustrated that you’re not coming up with anything meaningful.

But what if we told you there was a simple technique that could transform your songwriting process? One that involves tapping into the power of imagery and using it to unlock new ideas?

Introducing ‘Close Your Eyes’ – an exercise designed to help expand your creativity by focusing on mental images. By following our tips and tricks for incorporating this technique into your songwriting process, you’ll be able to break through creative barriers and come up with innovative lyrics and melodies.

1) Start With A Clear Mind

Before diving right into the exercise, make sure you have some quiet time set aside. Find somewhere free from distractions where you can really focus on opening up your imagination.

2) Choose An Emotional State to Explore

Next, take some time thinking about an emotional state which might be inspirational for potential songs or themes – happiness, sadness, heartbreak etc.. Focus on how this particular experience or mood feels within yourself as acutely as possible.

3) Shift From Thinking To Imagining

Now close your eyes and visualize key words associated with these emotions- relationships or nature-based evocative memories work well here. For example: “An endless green meadow” or “The soft breath of summer winds”. Imagine spending time experiencing each scenario fully before moving onto another until several scenes are played out internally accompanied by further descriptive tasks such as creating charachters inside them; full stories running their course in different settings across varying contexts but united under one theme: Emotionality!

4) Let The Images Come To Life Through Song Elements

As soon as an image has been conjured via vivid imaginative techniques use basic elements-such melody/rhythm structure-to complement the scene playing-out in your mind’s eye. Fill them with sensory details that highlight each setting’s notable visual, aural or tactile traits.

5) Keep Experimenting And Evolving

As you start writing further the mental image will probably evolve and change as lyrics are added or arrangements shift potentially setting new emotional responses off to catalyze other parts of the performance process; aspects such as tension development moving between weaker flowing sections where more space is given between powerful climaxes which create change within ideas opening up entirely different possibilities than originally envisioned.

In conclusion, using ‘Close Your Eyes’ can lead to faster creative breakthroughs and help transform ordinary ideas into something spectacular. It allows songwriters to tap into their subconscious minds, unlocking untapped potential and shifting perspectives on emotions previously unconsidered before implementing it.. So go ahead – give it a try!

Table with useful data:

Song Title Artist Year Released
Close Your Eyes Michael Buble 2009
Close Your Eyes Meghan Trainor 2014
Close Your Eyes Parmalee 2019
Close Your Eyes Run the Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha 2020

Information from an expert

As an expert in music, I can confidently say that songs with “close your eyes” in the lyrics are commonly used to evoke strong emotions and facilitate relaxation. The phrase often accompanies slow or soothing melodies, encouraging listeners to let go of any stress or worries they may be holding onto. Some notable examples include “Close Your Eyes” by Michael Bublé, “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran, and “Close Your Eyes (And Count to F**k)” by Run the Jewels. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply enjoy some beautiful music, songs featuring this phrase can provide a sense of calm and comfort.

Historical fact:

The song “Close Your Eyes” was popularized in the early 1950s by crooner Perry Como, and remains a beloved classic of his repertoire to this day.

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