10 Heartwarming Christmas Stories and Song This Christmas Lyrics to Get You in the Holiday Spirit [Useful Tips Included]

10 Heartwarming Christmas Stories and Song This Christmas Lyrics to Get You in the Holiday Spirit [Useful Tips Included]

What is song this christmas lyrics

Song This Christmas Lyrics are the words to a popular holiday tune, often heard during the Christmas season. The lyrics convey feelings of joy and warmth associated with the holiday season. Written by Donny Hathaway and Nadine McKinnor in 1970, it has been covered by numerous artists over time.

  • The song’s upbeat melody encourages listeners to participate in the festivities associated with Christmastime.
  • The “Song This Christmas Lyrics” evoke memories of times spent with family and friends, enjoying seasonal treats and gifts while surrounded by loved ones.

Top 5 Facts About Song This Christmas Lyrics You Need to Know

The holiday season is here, and with it comes our favorite Christmas carols that fill us with joy and festive cheer. One such timeless tune that we all know and love is “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or merely enjoy the song when it comes on the radio, there are some fun facts about its lyrics you may not be aware of.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the top five fascinating facts about “This Christmas” lyrics:

1. The song almost didn’t make it to production

Although “This Christmas” has become an essential track for many during Christmastime, its creation was due to chance. In 1970, songwriter Nadine McKinnor wrote the chorus while attending a grocery store. She hummed a melody as she shopped but forgot to write down her ideas upon returning home.

Her co-writer, Donny Hathaway, fortunately overheard her humming in their shared studio space and asked what she was singing because he found himself intrigued by her melody. Eventually creating verses around Mckinnor’s inspired chorus gave birth to one of the most iconic holiday songs ever made.

2: It Was Not Meant Exclusively For Christmas Alone

Despite becoming known strictly as a yule-time tune today – This Chistmas wasn’t initially designed exclusively for this context; rather it had broader use throughout winter holidays in general (specifically surrounding Thanksgiving). Nonetheless when certain companies started using the jingle year after year predominantly throughout christmas time media campaigns & movies such as Home Alone or Die Hard – its association rubbed off quickly!

3: A Popular Cover Version Emerged Years Later

Don’t get us wrong; countless bands have tried covering This Christmas over the years – however Chris Brown happened onto something extra special during his up-and-coming period from 2005 onwards! Initially featured in movie credits for cult-classic-hit This Christmas (2007), Brown breathed new life into the soulful soundscapes that Donny & Nadine first established in 1970. As such Chris brooks has become Southern RnB royalty once again adding his finesse and ability to a song which continues resonating with people from generation.

4: It Holds A Much Bigger Message

Behind “This Christmas” is an underlying message about love that transcends religious or holiday boundaries, while still maintaining its festive energy. Hathaway includes nuanced lines like “And this Christmas will be/ A very special Christmas for me/ You’ll see /To add depth to his composition despite it being created based on feel-good vibes associated with winter-holidays.

5: The Song Has Been Covered Many Times Over By Several Legends In Music!

Since This Christmua’s inception back in the early seventies – many great recording artists have contributed their mark by way of fresh cover versions throughout decades! Some notable faces behind These classics include Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and even modern day talents such as Justin Bieber; thus adding proof notably it remains enshrined within our hearts AND via contributions new talent across multiple generations!

In summing up, these facts highlight how “This Christmas” isn’t just another clichéd yuletide carol but rather one whose funk grooves remain infectious regardless of when listened during year. From featuring only initially around thanksgiving through multi-generational appeal thanks (in part) to Chris Brown’s revival from over a decade ago, there are plenty influential factors making listening worthwhile every time Decemeber comes back around!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Song This Christmas Lyrics

As we approach the festive season, one thing that always gets us in the Christmas spirit is singing along to our favourite carols and songs. One song that never fails to bring a smile to our faces every year is “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway. Its catchy melody and soulful lyrics make it an instant hit among people of all ages.

However, with so many versions of the song being performed over the years, confusion often arises on what exactly are the correct lyrics or meaning behind them. To help clear up some common questions about this beloved holiday tune, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about “This Christmas.”

Q: Who originally recorded “This Christmas”?
A: R&B singer-songwriter Donny Hathaway was responsible for recording and releasing the single version in 1970.

Q: What makes “This Christmas” different from other traditional holiday songs?
A: Unlike most other classic seasonal tunes which focus only on religious themes, “This Christmas” emphasizes family time and love during a more general “season of giving”.

Q: Which artists have covered “This Christmas”?
A: Over fifty prominent musicians including Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown , Gloria Estefan , Destiny’s Child , Alicia Keys etc., have created their respective covers of this timeless track thus featuring how universal its appeal has become beyond genre boundaries.

Q: What does ‘presents’ mean when mentioned in relation to showering loved ones with said items compared to simplifying catching up/making memories together?
A : The concept behind presents may stem from gift-giving culture as gifts themselves function as symbols meant to amplify fond emotions associated with any given situation – sharing these instances strengthens bonds built between each individual involved long past when they will be parted post-celebrations giving surprise/stressors where there should not create such ambivalence within social groups.

Overall, whether you’re belting out the lyrics in a karaoke session, listening to it on the radio, or simply humming along while decorating your Christmas tree, “This Christmas” is sure to bring about feelings of joy and nostalgia. So go ahead and sing your heart out with ease knowing you’ve got all the information regarding this holiday classic!

The Significance of Singing Song This Christmas with Its Meaningful Lyrics

Christmas is a time of joy, love and celebration. It’s that wonderful season when families come together to exchange gifts, share stories, and make beautiful memories. And what better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas than by singing some of its most beloved songs? This festive season wouldn’t be complete without joyful carols which bring meaning to our celebrations.

Singing has been an important part of human expression for centuries. Music can inspire us, motivate us, and even heal us in ways we cannot fully comprehend. The significance of singing during Christmas comes from the unique blend of music’s power with the lyrics’ meaningful messages—telling tales about Christ’s birth or reflecting upon peace on earth and goodwill toward all men.

The beautiful melodies found in Christmas song selections can easily uplift anyone’s mood after listening to them just once! “Silent Night,” “O Holy Night,” “Joy To The World”…all these classic holiday hymns evoke sentiments associated with hope, redemption and salvation…and who doesn’t need more hope this year!

Notably, there are modern-day equivalents such as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” or Wham!’s “Last Christmas.” These tracks might not have much religious reference but undoubtedly still remind people fondly of past festivities bringing back good cheer amidst ever-present challenges.

Singling out one particular old tune like “Away in a Manger,” it typically reflects how Jesus was born humbly among farm animals while being surrounded by family offerings from visitors such as shepherds & wise men. Moving beyond Christianity alone though – consider poems-come-song universal tunes like John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” encompassing broader themes like world peace which certainly hit home given global events marking 2020(& counting!)

This seasonal tradition holds intense value regarding social interaction within communities encouraging inclusion regardless of age groups – congregational participation facilitates team building; children feel elated singing alongside parents or grandparents, family ties strengthen overall. It bonds people whether the hymns’ messages touched their heart or simply spreading some holiday cheer.

There is no age limit to who can sing Christmas songs. Involvement in such activities offers a collective feeling of unison disregarding differing beliefs across generations and cultures worldwide.

In conclusion, singing Christmas songs plays an essential part within individuals’ celebration narratives this season by keeping joy and hope alive through catchy compositions infused with meaningful lyrics triggering happy childhood memories, reminding us how fortunate we are today for having survived another year; eventful 2020 made it even more crucial to connect(virtually if necessary) stay festive and positive as one big community till things get better!

And now we’ll start humming “Jingle Bells” while wishing you all a merry time!

Insights into the History and Evolution of Song This Christmas Lyrics

As we approach yet another festive season, we find ourselves once again surrounded by the heartwarming sounds of Christmas carols and holiday tunes. Amongst all these delightful melodies, it’s hard not to notice one particular song that has become a staple during this special time – “The 12 Days of Christmas”. With its catchy tune and playful lyrics, it’s no surprise why this song remains popular year after year.

However, despite the apparent familiarity with “The 12 Days of Christmas”, most people are oblivious about its origin, history or evolution. The truth is that while the fascination with counting down twelve days leading up to December 25th has been around for centuries – so much so there was even once an official Catholic Liturgical Tradition known as Christmastide which starts from day 1 (December 26) until Epiphany on January 6 – the exact songs’ origins remains somewhat elusive.

Many historians believe that “The 12 Days of Christmas” originated in England back in the early sixteenth century. Rather than serving as a secular holiday melody to play at parties and celebrations like what happens today, many suggest that it may have had hidden religious meanings behind each verse which held deeper Christian connotations.

For instance:

On Day One mentions Partridge In A Pear Tree representing Jesus Christ himself circulating protection amidst his followers;

Day Two brings two Turtle Doves symbolizing either martyrdom or Old Testament Jewish law found in Deuteronomy;
Days Three through Ten mention gifts such as golden rings or lords leaping which also connects with scripture tales such as Solomon’s magnificent reigns;
Day Eleven introduces eleven pipers piping and signifies eleven faithful apostles excluding Judas Iscariot,
Finally wrapping things up on Day Twelve mentioning twelve drummers drumming commemorating bad spirits surrounding us conquered entirely by Christianity

Even though their true meanings still require speculation over years later since whatever coded messages they were meant to convey were most likely lost to time, the song’s incredible staying power in popular culture is undeniable.

The popularity of “The 12 Days of Christmas” has led to many interpretations and reimaginings over the years. From pop stars like Kelly Clarkson and John Legend putting their spin on it, to comedic misinterpretations such as Bob & Doug McKenzie’s interpretation which famously closed out their 1981 holiday album. “A Gift Wrapped Christmas.”

So next time you hear this classic tune playing during your festive celebrations, take a moment to appreciate its rich history while also imagining all those French hens dancing around with English Lords!

Different Ways you can enjoy song this christmas lyrics with your family and loved ones

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and what better to complete the festive spirit than some good old holiday music? Christmas carols have been a staple in our celebrations for centuries, bringing joy, warmth and love to families worldwide. From ‘Jingle Bells’ to ‘Silent Night,’ these melodies never get old and provide a special kind of nostalgia that takes us back to childhood memories with family.

However, there’s more than one way you can enjoy your favorite jingles this holiday season! Here are five different ways you can share the magic of Christmas with your loved ones through song:

1) Karaoke night
It’s always fun to give into our inner pop stars and belt out those tunes at home or at a karaoke bar. Set up an evening dedicated entirely to singing only festive tracks like Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ or Wham!’s 1984 classic ‘Last Christmas.’ Don’t be afraid to go all-out: turn on some fairy lights, set aside some refreshments, grab your mic (or hairbrush), pick up personalised christmas pyjamas sets from matching outfits stores online and get ready for a night full of laughter and great memories.

2) Virtual sing-along
With so many of us unable to unite physically this year due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, it may seem challenging getting together in person for karaoke nights or choir gatherings (those who are so inclined!) However thanks particularly due Zoom calls software we now see as heroes they have saved virtual meetings by being used mostly in work areas but also otther things such as video chats/meet drop-ins,gaming parties,birthday parties etc.This also makes it possible having virtual sing-alongs! Just make sure everyone has access Passcodes,email links,schedule them when people will have free times even if they’re from different parts of the world-then finally gather round your screen and sing your little hearts out.

3) Present wrapping party
There’s nothing merrier than a present wrapping session while Christmas music is playing. Invite friends or family members over to help with the task, share stories of happy holidays past; Have some munchies set up , be sure piano covers like ‘Deck The Halls’ are playing in background for that extra oomph too!

4) Neighborhood serenade
Spread joy throughout your neighbourhood by going door-to-door singing carols. You don’t have to be professional choir singers, it’s about coming together as a community and spreading warm holiday cheer.When you do this people may unconsciously glance at how dazzling mum’s christmas jumper is or how pretty auntie rose looks on her dress,one thing leads to another we call it fashion-infusing spirit of christmas!

5) Drive-through light show concert
Lastly but definitely not leastly,some places even put on spectacular holiday light shows complete with festive tunes. Why not make an evening event out of this? Grab some hot cocoa,candy cane, wear a comfy pair of socks(and matching case if you’re staying inside the car), pile everyone into the vehicle(ensuring all COVID SOPs are followed). Turn off those headlights lower windows then take turns selecting songs giving commentaries bursts and expressions amid amazement watch other maestros play instruments live-don’t forget to join in chorus when prompted especially during climaxes.There will be tune directory available so go ahead pick one which resonates most tap your feet,hum along let yourself loose!

In conclusion we hope these five ideas inspire you and yours to create fun-filled memories around our favourite jolly melodies.May these joyful hymns turn daily subtexts from stressful work meetings,to demanding school deadlines,and covid struggles into cozy gatherings with loved ones-cheers to celebrating together virtually,safely keeping each other sacred,enjoying music tugging at every cord of our hearts with melodies that transcend time and traditions.Stay safe,remain excited for the coming year!

Interesting Facts about Chris Brown’s Classic Rendition of This Christimas Song Lyricwise

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and as we get ready to dance our way into Christmas, it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to one of the greatest renditions of a classic holiday tune by none other than Chris Brown.

His version of “This Christmas” has become a staple in every festive playlist and surely never fails to put us in a merry mood. But have you ever stopped to listen carefully to the lyrics? Here are some interesting tidbits about this iconic song.

First off, did you know that “This Christmas” was originally written by Donny Hathaway back in 1970? This soulful singer-songwriter penned this masterpiece at just 23 years old and is often credited for creating modern-day R&B music with his smooth vocal style. It might come as no surprise then why this song continues to be covered by many prominent artists today.

But what makes Chris Brown’s cover so special? For starters, he stayed true to the original melody but added his own unique twist. He slows down some parts while also incorporating elements from traditional gospel hymns- making it both groovy yet sentimental all at once.

Now let’s delve deeper into the lyrics – Have you noticed how despite being categorized under ‘Christmas songs’, there isn’t much mention of snow or Santa Claus here?

Instead, Hathaway wrote about love –more specifically-love during Christmastime which for many can give rise feelings nostalgia coupled with memories bringing them joy such seen through lines like ‘Presents and cards are here; my world is filled with cheer and you…’

And even though sometimes couples argue throughout year, on this day when carol singing fills up space amongst lighted trees lovers come together again amidst words like “..Hang all mistletoe/I’m gonna get/To know you better…” So if anyone asks whether “This Christmas” is considered solely a seasonal track or rather an ode simply celebrating romance, one could argue in favor of the latter.

All in all, Chris Brown’s rendition will continue to warm our hearts and get us swaying every December. And now that you know a bit more about its history and lyrics – it might be even closer to your heart this time around. Merry Christmas!

Table with useful data:

Line Number Lyrics
1 Hang all the mistletoe, I’m gonna get to know you better
2 This Christmas and as we trim the tree, how much fun it’s gonna be together
3 This Christmas, fireside is blazing bright
4 We’re caroling through the night
5 And this Christmas, will be a very special Christmas, for me
6 Presents and cards are here, my world is filled with cheer and you, this Christmas
7 And as I look around, your eyes outshine the town they do, this Christmas
8 Fireside is blazing bright, we’re caroling through the night
9 This Christmas, will be a very special Christmas, for me
10 And this Christmas, will be a very special Christmas, for me

Information from an expert

As a music expert, I can tell you that the lyrics of Christmas songs are a crucial element in creating the perfect holiday atmosphere. Whether you prefer classic carols or modern hits, the words sung during this special time of year can evoke emotions and memories that last a lifetime. However, it’s important to remember that not all “Christmas” songs have uplifting lyrics – some focus on heartbreak, loneliness or other difficult aspects of the festive period. So choose your playlist wisely and enjoy singing along to those catchy tunes!
Historical fact:
The famous Christmas song “Silent Night” was composed in Austria in 1818, and its lyrics were written by Joseph Mohr.

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